Wedding rehearsal

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In all pictures, those with a star (*) in front of the title have a description that can be viewed by clicking on the picture for the larger version.

Boats at Marina Village

Amanda and Els

Dad and Barry

Greeting the bride and groom

Scott, Cheryl and Shel

Orlando and Mom

Orlando and mom


IMAG4300, and Scott

Family gathering

and Family greeding

Hanna and Steve

Shel and me

Shel and Me

Katie (Cheryl's mom)

Dad, Els and Scott

Mom, Orlando and Katie

Man of the hour

Couple of the hour

Jenna (Chery'ls sister), the bridesmaids and the stand-in

Miss Cheryl (soon to be Mrs. Cheryl!)

The handsomest bald guy there

Family as chairs

Waiting for the practice

Waiting for the practice


The loving couple

Receiving directions

Where do we go?

That way, apparently

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