Wedding rehearsal dinner

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In all pictures, those with a star (*) in front of the title have a description that can be viewed by clicking on the picture for the larger version.

Uncle John, Uncle Gary and me

Uncle Gary and Aunt Rosa


Greg and Uncle Gary

Rosa and Shel

Amanda and someone's elbow =)

Mom, Uncle John and Brian

Andrea and Uncle Wayne

Els and Dad

Hanna and Steve

The happy couple

More family

Let me take and tell you

Family mixer


Orlando educates Uncle Wayne


Uncle Ted

Uncle Ted and

Rosa and Elaine

My sister

Amanda, Dave and mom share a laugh

Rosa, Elaine and Shel

Shel and Uncle Wayne

Greg, Andrea and Orlando

Stopping by for a chat

My camera seems to have focus issues!

Uncle Ted takes photos

Minh, John, and Mark

Family and Friends

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