Welcome to Mole6E23 software! I specialize in useful applications for OS X (the Macintosh for those who got here by accident!) I have been a Mac user since 1986, and have always been passionate about Macintosh ease of use, and try to write software that follows my passion.

So, now that we have the formalities out of the way, let's talk about the software!


  Greppie is a "wrapper application" for the UNIX command "grep". This program allows you to search any file on your hard disk for any text, or even search for those items that do not have the text you're searching for. This doesn't sound much different than Sherlock, but Greppie uses what are called "regular expressions", which means that not only can you search for text, but you can, for example, search for files that contain phone numbers or credit card numbers (without knowing the phone or card number ahead of time.) Greppie comes with many built-in useful search expressions, or you can make your own. There is a tutorial included with Greppie on how to use regular expressions. Greppie is only US$14.95 per user. Download your free, fully functional evaluation version now. Or register a copy you already have.

More coming soon!

Watch this space! I have more ideas that I'm working on at the moment.

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