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Please note that this site has not been updated since about 2003 (other than the link to the wedding page, and that was 2006!)

The Summary

Are you looking for Todd & Louise's wedding page?

Welcome to my presence on the web. This site is not a place where I am going to explain much about who I am. It's more a summary of what I do. You'll find links to programs I have written, research I have done, places I have been, and people I know.

If you're looking for Mole6E23 software (Greppie), that's here!

The Links

Here are where the links will take you:

  • Home - Well, you're here
  • Research - A description of the research I am currently involved in as well as links to research I have participated in in the past
  • People - Some links to home pages of friends and family
  • Places - Many, many pictures of trips I have taken. So far, these include a month long trip to Europe, and a year long trip to New Zealand (trip being a working trip for a PostDoc)
  • Programs - Descriptions of some of the programs I've written, both those released for the public, as well as programs I have written for other purposes.
  • Resumé - A link to my resumé in several different formats
  • Links - Interesting and useful links around the web (according to me)


If you want to contact me, use the following address:

tccom at toddclements dot com

I write it out like that and don't provide a link in the (futile) hope that it will reduce spam coming into my inbox.


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