It just so happens that the professor I am working for is a pilot. Every year he takes a several day flight trip around New Zealand, and this year I got invited. We took a trip down to the south of the South Island. We were based in Mandeville, a very small town in the middle of the plains. From there we flew down to Stewart Island south of the main island, and over MIlford, Dusky and Doubtful sounds on the west cost, and over the Catlans on the east coast. Overall, and absolutely amazing and beautiful scenery (and pictures!)

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Picture collections

Day 1. Flying from Christchurch down to Gore and eventually to Mandeville. Pictures of the mountains and plains.
(22 Nov 02)
Day 2. Flying from Mandeville down to Stewart Island and back up to Invercargill.
(23 Nov 02)
Day 3 Flight over to Queenstown and then into Milford sound, and back up to Te Anau.
(24 Nov 02)
Day 4 (fjords). The first part of day 4, with a flight out through Dusky sound, and back in through Doubtful sound.
(25 Nov 02)
Day 4 (coast). A trip over the east coast (the Catlains), lunch in Dunedin, and a trip out to Tunnel Beach. (Also includes a few pictures of the last day)
(25-26 Nov 02)