Welcome to my New Zealand page! Here is where I will be posting links to all of my pictures from New Zealand, and hopefully keeping the page up to date as to when I add new things and dates for all of the picture collections. We'll see how I do!

Picture collections

My lab and my house. Some pictures of the equipment in my lab, my office space, and the rooms in my house.
(18 Oct 02)
"My" Kitty who hangs around my yard and I feed milk to sometimes.
(18 Oct 02)
Summit pass around Christchurch Some beautiful pictures from the volcanic mountains surrounding Christchurch.
(18 Oct 02)
Trip to Dunedin. On the holiday weekend, I drove 5 hours south to Dunedin, saw some rare penguins and more scenery!
(26-28 Oct 02)
Amberly A&P show. A small, local agricultural show in a town of about 1,100 where 1,000 people show up for the show.
(1 Nov 02)
Young adult trip to Arthur's Pass. A very small city in the mountains on the main route from the east to the west coast. Lots of wonderful waterfalls!
(15-17 Nov 02)
A plane trip down to the southland of New Zealand. The sounds (Milford+), Stewart Island and the Catlans.
(22-26 Nov 02)
Quail island. The Young Adult group here went to Quail Island, in a bay not far from Christchurch.
(30 Nov 02)
Alejandro and I went up to Kaikoura, an east coast town about 2 hours north of here, and walked along the coast.
(6-8 Dec 02)
A day trip to Akaroa, a local quaint "french town", and did some tramping up the hill. Beautiful views of the bay.
(14 Dec 02) < /td>
Kathy came out for Christmas. We drove up to the North Island and did fun things like black water rafting, and visiting a hot springs beach at night.
(24 Dec 02 - 1 Jan 03)
My New Year's Day. A party at midnight with the young adults, and then morning sunrise. I took A LOT of sunrise pictures, the first sunrise of 2003.
(1 Jan 03)
Mom and Dave visited. We drove to the West coast, went glacier climbing, jet boating, and paragliding. And had some fun, too. =)
(12-20 Jan 03)
Movies! Some low-quality movies of things around New Zealand.
February and March. Some stuff that I did in February and March, including eating mountain oysters at the Wild Foods Festival!
(Feb and Mar 03)
The Milford Track. Pictures from my four day hike along the Milford Track, described (rightfully) as "one of the most beautiful walks in the world."
(10-14 Apr 03)
Easter, hiking, and a 1700's party. Easter up at Lake Lyndon, hiking the port hills, going to a 1700s themed party (all dressed up!)
(Apr-Jun 03)
Two weeks in Australia. A 6 day liveaboard dive trip on the Great Barrier Reef, three days in Sydney, and two days in the Blue Mountains.
(13-25 Apr 03)
A trip to Northland, above Auckland for five days, all the way to the tip of NZ. Boogie boarding off of several story high sand dunes, too!
(25-29 Jul 03)
Birthday and Queenstown. Jumped off a 440 ft high platform, played in the snow, had a nice birthday, and also pics of a young adults retreat.
(Aug 03)
My last week in NZ, I went to several parties (in my honor, of course), and held one of my own the night before I left.
(11-18 Oct 03)
12 days in Fiji on the way home. I was amazed at the friendliness of the Fijians, and the country is nice and beautiful and warm!
(18-30 Oct 03)

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