Current Version: 1.0.1

Greppie is the easy to use, time-saving search tool for all the files on your hard drive. The intuitive interface and free power search feature give you power over your documents. Looking for any document that talks about your vacation to Australia? Or perhaps you're looking for a phone number that you can't remember. Through the power of Greppie, both of these searches are made easy. Greppie includes built in searches for text that you might be looking for, such as URLs, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, dates, credit card numbers, and more.

Who needs Greppie? Anyone who needs to find text quickly in multiple documents. If you find yourself often performing the same searches over and over again, Greppie's saved searches features will save you hours of your time. Greppie is especially useful to Webmasters who need to search HTML documents or Web logs that change frequently (and thus Sherlock doesn't have an accurate index for them.)

But grep is free, you say. Why should I use Greppie when I can use grep for free? Certainly you can use grep, on the command line, if you want. But that involves typing in file names, trying to manage files from more than one location at once, and having to hold down the left arrow a lot to get back and change a mistake in your search. Command line grep also doesn't save your searches, save your file lists, allow you to double click to open a file, or press Command-R to reveal it in the Finder. Your matched string is not highlighted in grep. You can't drag and drop files to be searched, search within results, or use the Power Searches that Greppie provides. So yes, you could use grep for free, but why would you want to? It's a great program in its own right, but Greppie makes it easy to use.

All of my software comes with free technical support, directly from the author of the program, whether or not you have registered.

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