Greppie - Features

Greppie is a 100% native Cocoa application which means that it takes advantage of all that OSX has to offer.

Simple Searching

  • Searches large files almost instantaneously
  • Search contents of an entire directory or multiple directories
  • Optional case-sensitive searching
  • Drag and drop files and folders to be searched
  • Save searches to disk and use them again later
  • Keeps a list of most recent and favorite searches and folders
  • Option to find files that do not contain the search string
  • Gives context information for Macintosh style text files (unlike command line grep)

Advanced Searching

  • Power search feature makes complicated searches easy!
  • Full support for regular expressions
  • Regular expression tutorial included


  • Results organized by file name
  • Counts number of occurrences in each file
  • Shows line number of each result
  • Matching string is shown highlighted and colored so it is easily found
  • Double click a file to open it
  • Reveal the file in the Finder to perform further actions
  • Drag results to another application, or save to a text file


  • Greppie requires a Macintosh computer running OSX version 10.1.5 or higher.
  • Greppie is compatible with Panther (OS X 10.3)
  • An Italian localization is included

Greppie beats the competition hands down. It is the only interface to grep that does more than display the results of the search, which you can just as easily do in the Terminal application. Greppie takes care to analyze the results and present them in a meaningful and useful format. It saves your work so you can reduce the time it takes to perform repetitive tasks. No other grep interface on the Mac comes close.

Download your free, fully functional evaluation copy today!

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